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What is different about Costa Cruises?

Costa is Carnival’s Italian alter ego and everything from the food to the crew is influenced by the cruise line’s Italian roots. The ships have an outrageous over the top gilded décor and the staff is always organizing wacky contests and lead line dances. Life onboard is one giant Italian party that you can either balk at or join in.

In 2000 Carnival purchased Costa Cruise and began expanding with larger and more dynamic ships. The Costa of today offer innovative large ship designs that reflect their Italian heritage and style.

Costa has eliminated smoking entirely in dining rooms and show lounges but smoking is permitted in designated areas, on balconies, in other public rooms and on the pool deck.

The ships are large and spacious but they carry so many people they can feel a bit crowded.

Is Costa Cruises Right for you?

English is not the main language onboard. American travelers who are used to crew members who deal primarily with English-speaking guests may feel that some service gets lost in translation.

Most passengers are European. Announcements are made onboard in a variety of languages and it can sometimes feel like the announcements go on forever.

Costa has improved the lifeboat drills and now you should be prepared for a long and regimented process.

The currency onboard while sailing in Europe is the euro.